Top 7 Amenities that Luxury Homebuyers are Looking For

Top 7 Amenities that Luxury Homebuyers are Looking For

Top 7 Amenities that Luxury Homebuyers are Looking For

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” -Coco Chanel

Top 7 Amenities that Luxury Homebuyers are Looking For

The living grounds of a luxury home buyer not only needs to be beautiful, but it needs to be a lifestyle. Investing in a unique property that brings convenience and leisure is what top-notch home buyers are willing to spend the money in. From over the top amenities to extravagant layouts, luxury home buyers go beyond typical features a common household has. Let’s take a closer look at the top seven features luxury homebuyers are looking for in a grand property.

1. Location

Privacy, good sized land, and breathtaking views are highly sought after from luxury home buyers. Luxury buyers want a piece of land where they can build or live out their dream home indoors and outdoors. With stunning city or ocean views, having usable land with room for a gated driveway and gorgeous landscaping is what luxury living is all about.

2. High-tech enhancements

Luxury means having the control of your entire home at a click of a button. Having technological enhancements that offer security, entertainment, light and temperature controls, and more is the ultimate luxury, especially in every room possible. Luxury home buyers tech-trendy when it comes to their high-class home.

3. Resort-style pool area

From waterfalls to fountains and infinity pools to swim up bars, luxury buyers need it all. Luxury buyers are looking for that extra wow-factor in their backyard space that definitely makes a powerful statement. Do we hear full sets of cabanas?

4. Garage showrooms

A garage that doubles as a showroom is what luxury buyers needs to keep their car collections on display and on lock. Real car collectors need an exclusive space in their home for their exotic cars and vehicles galore.

5. Entertainment centers and home theatres

Give a luxury buyer a private theater and/or entertainment room and they are sold. Luxury buyers want that convenience of privacy and comfort when it comes to entertaining themselves and guests. From custom couches and recliners to a whole set up of picture and sound technology, with these top-notch homes changes the whole luxury game completely.

6. Fitness center and spa

Luxury buyers are looking for a space that will suit their needs and lifestyle. And that includes their health and relaxation. Private gyms, spas/saunas, and even dedicated yoga rooms makes wellness so reachable in a luxury home. Why drive to a trainer or massage therapist when they can come to you in the comfort of your own space.

7. Wine cellars and tasting rooms

Wine cellars and tasting rooms can be the most sought-after amenity in a luxury home. They look to these as a showpiece of the home and are custom made to suit specifically their wine. Luxury buyers pry on custom lighting, glass displays, and motorized racks to make their wine tasting experience for them and their guests unforgettable.