This Is What Sets GRE Fine Homes & Estates Apart

This Is What Sets GRE Fine Homes & Estates Apart

Luxury real estate requires a unique touch.

Because the buyer audience is more selective and therefore smaller, real estate agents need to tackle the sale of luxury property differently than they would when selling a property with broader appeal.

At CENTURY 21 Gavish Real Estate, our luxury division, Fine Homes & Estates, ensures that the amenities, designs, and features that set your Las Vegas luxury home apart from others get noticed.

For example, a few quick snaps with a smartphone camera won’t do. Luxury listing buyers know what to look for, they seek quality and high-end touches. When it comes to selling such features, they need to be felt, not just seen.

That is why we look to hire or use high-end photography to capture a high-priced home in its best light. It’s our job to create an initial impression that will result in a showing, and eventually, an offer.

Gavish Fine Homes & Estates will also leverage a buyer list that’s been carefully scrutinized to ensure those viewing a listing are qualified and capable.

It’s true that many home buyers seek to move up faster than they are able. This can be a challenge when it comes to luxury property because homes above $1 million already tend to take longer to sell.

If we were to allow unproven or loosely vetted buyers to peruse homes and make unqualified offers, the home’s appeal can suffer under the burden of time on the market.

The Las Vegas luxury property market has unique advantages over others

Luxury agents are connected and insightful, they know how to determine who is ready for a luxury home and who needs a bit more time to earn that standard of living.

The Las Vegas luxury property market has unique advantages over others. For example, our market allows buyers to get much more for their money. More square footage. More amenities. More golf courses. More views.

And best of all, more lifestyle.

Nevada’s low taxes and business-friendly environment creates a strong appeal for established business professionals to invest here.

Additionally, Las Vegas has rebounded to stability, providing luxury buyers with the confidence to know their home will remain at or rise above value in the foreseeable future.

If you’re in the market for luxury property or it’s time to move up to another level of living, we encourage you to contact Century 21 Gavish Real Estate Fine Homes & Estates today.

Your new life awaits.