Rap Legend Mike D Eschews Luxury In Outdoor Malibu Beach Ranch

Rap Legend Mike D Eschews Luxury In Outdoor Malibu Beach Ranch

We love to look at other peoples’ homes.

Can’t we just admit that?

The American home is a unique category for those who are inspired by architecture. Like the most affordable fashion, today’s typicla home is a reflection of trends and decisions made at the highest intellectual levels of the industry.

And thankfully, homes are also still influenced by what was once in the past, historic trends that prove practical and timeless.

Luxury home designers and owners are often free from the financial restraints that would limit creative use of materials and structure. Thus, it’s in luxury homes where we can find reasons to do something different with a bedroom or outdoor living space.

This is the case with Michael Diamond’s Malibu home.

Diamond, known by most as Mike D of the renowned rap-punk-rock-hip-hop group Beastie Boys, wanted a flat, rural landscape near the beach that reflected a natural living space, a place where his two sons could roam and surf and run outside of the confines of crosswalks and urban threats.

He and his wife found an ideal setting in Malibu, although the aged compound featured little of what most home buyers in the zip code would consider luxury.

Diamond’s creativity would not be thwarted. He and his wife took to task the potential that the property offered and wielded into submission.

Instead of tearing down the older buildings, Diamond and his wife transformed a relatively small three-bedroom and disjointed guest cottages into a modern, serene beach-themed ranch.

Tones of blues and reclaimed woods were spread throughout, and the surrounding landscape took on the feel of a recreational park with skate ramps, a pool, table games and access to trails and beach paths ripe for exploring.

The ocean is everywhere in the home, even the custom wallpaper Diamond designed reflects life in laid-back Malibu.

Highlights include an expansive hanging sliding barn door, multiple skylights, and exterior board-and-batten designs lacing the interior.

Even the outdoor furniture matches the themes of what’s inside, minus some protective coatings.

This is a sterling example of how luxury doesn’t have to look like luxury, but instead can serve as a platform for a lifestyle.