Add Luxury To Your Holiday Home

Add Luxury To Your Holiday Home

The holidays are upon us and with them the need to update our homes with holiday decorations and lavish touches that will make get our homes ready for guests. Whether your holiday home is where you will spend the winter or if you will make it available for guests to rent, you will want to add some luxury to your holiday home. Try these elegant touches from Gavish Luxury Estates to transform your home into a winter palace this holiday season.

Eliminate clutter and simplify

Before you upgrade any luxurious ammenities, make sure that your home is spotless.

You can hire an interior designer to make your home feel luxurious, but you may not always need to. If you really want to make your home as luxurious as possible, you will want to make sure that your home is comfortable and presentable. There isn’t a single definition of luxury, but the general sentiment is that a luxurious should be elegant, clean, and have an elevated sense of sophistication.

Believe it or not, this a lot easier to accomplish than you would think. To begin, simply eliminate clutter and simplify your home. Excessive seating, lamps, and other items that clutter can make a room feel small and crowded. Instead, you should try to keep your home feeling as clean and decluttered as possible.

Update windows with new drapes and curtains

As you get ready for the holiday season, you should consider how your curtains and drapes accent your home. Although curtains tend to blend into the background and mostly go unnoticed, they can play a large role in your home’s decor. To really add luxury to your holiday home, incorporate thick curtains that are made with more high-end fabrics. This is a subtle way to add a luxe feel to your home.

Include lavish lighting

The lighting in your home plays a big role in making your home feel either large and grand or small and cramped. Usually, when you use a lot of floor lamps that have lampshades, rooms tend to be more dimly lit and it can create a sense that a room is smaller. To really get the most out of your home’s lighting you will want to invest in overhead light fixtures. Overhead light fixtures are pretty inexpensive to install and they will make rooms in your home feel large and inviting.

Add layers

While keeping a home simple and minimalist can make your home feel luxurious, you will want to make sure that your home isn’t too bare. When a home feels too empty, it can have the opposite impact. You want to make sure that you add decorative layers to furniture in your home. Throw pillows, area rugs, and table runners are simple ways to decorate your home while limiting the clutter that other decorations might cause.