Luxury Homes Are More Complete With This One Feature

Luxury Homes Are More Complete With This One Feature

While not necessarily a trend, it seems what’s old in luxury homes is still new.

Even though we’re into the emerging age of the connected smart home, luxury home buyers still need a place to collect themselves, to meditate in a place of quiet.

Enter: the library.

One can consider the library our first “media room,” a place where we found entertainment in hardcovers and classics, not Netflix and Playstations.

In luxury markets around the country, especially where older homes dominate the category, libraries are being preserved and showcased instead of remodeled or repurposed.

Las Vegas luxury buyers could especially benefit from seeking properties with such a feature, as there are few places in the world where the entertainment options would warrant a few hours of solace each week.

However, it’s not enough to just have a library, it has to be designed to accommodate comfort and promote an atmosphere of contemplation.

Artwork is a necessity, as is of course, appropriate seating and lighting.

The best luxury home libraries are adorned with classical touches, like ornate shelving, moldings, and other intricate finishes.

One can consider the library our first “media room,”

Still, that’s not to say one can’t have a library designed to appeal to the modern media consumer, lest we forget even our most treasured public libraries are rich with multi-media research and reading options.

An in-home library could be themed for travel and exploration, or science fiction, or specific cities.

Consider design themes that stand out from the rest of the home. After all, the goal is to create an intellectual escape, a place where you and even guests can come to leave the noise behind.

Bookcases are of course a necessity, but they don’t have to hold only books. Sculptures, prized art, or photography make ideal amenities for luxury home libraries.

The in-home library suggests sophistication and an appreciation for solitude and reflection. These are things many home owners seek in offices or sitting areas, but rarely achieve.

When looking for that next luxury home in Las Vegas, think beyond the modern media room; look for ways for your home to stand out among your peers. It will make all the difference when it comes time for you to entertain.