Is Lake Tahoe’s Crystal Pointe Ushering In The Age Of Uber-Luxury?

Is Lake Tahoe's Crystal Pointe Ushering In The Age Of Uber-Luxury?

Las Vegas might have the most luxury homes per square mile in Nevada.

However, Lake Tahoe has the most per mile of shoreline.

Especially the latest luxury home to hit the market there: Crystal Point, a $75 million mountain gem that rests on a forested slope above Lake Tahoe’s western Nevada corner.

This is mountain luxury at its finest, and hardly represents the laid-back lifestyle such a location might suggest.

The home is being marketed as “uber-luxury,” commanding the type of price tags we see in place like Manhattan, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and West Palm Beach, FL.


In fact, the largest home in the Hamptons recently hit the market for a paltry $35 million.

Consisting of a main residence, beach house, guest house, and staff quarters, the 5.14 acre estate is all about letting in the luxury views that surround Lake Tahoe.

In total, there is more than 16,000 square feet of living space, and a tremendous portion of that room is cast in natural light thanks to wall upon wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and outdoor living space.

Every room is a testament to luxury mountain living

There are, or course, two “funiculars,” or exterior tracked elevators, to help residents and guests get from one building to the next.

The builders responded wonderfully when charged with making the home blend with its mountainous surroundings. Despite the home’s physical presence, it effortlessly assumes its place along the steep, rocky lines of Jeffery Pines and manzanita shrubs.

It gets cold up there, so there are 13 fireplaces to keep things “cozy” come winter. There’s one in each of the eight bedrooms.

Every room is a testament to luxury mountain living, boasting expansive wooden ceilings, granite stone surrounds, custom hand-made furniture, and an array of fixtures and amenities that reflect the Sierra Nevada’s rugged landscapes.

In fact, there is a wide array of naturally-carved wooden animals, included a bald eagle soaring suspended by cables above the main roofline. One of the tress taken down during construction was left tall enough for a local sculptor to carve in it a menagerie of mountain wildlife.

The main home took about five years to build, and the beach house was only completed last year. A good portion of the supplies were brought in via barge along its 525 feet of crystal-clear Tahoe shoreline.

Luxury continues to know no bounds, and this home is currently the nation’s best proof.