How to Choose the Best Countertop Material for Your Luxury Home

How to Choose the Best Countertop Material

We love a beautiful kitchen countertop! Who doesn’t? Countertops are one of the most significant and luxurious upgrades that you can make to your home to increase the visual beauty of the home while also raising the appraisal value of your Las Vegas luxury home. At Gavish Luxury Estates, we see the immense benefits that upgrading your home’s countertop material can have on potential buyers and new luxury homeowners alike. All that’s left to do is help you choose the best countertop material for your luxury home!

Find a Good Fit

Because there are quite a few different countertop materials that you can choose from to upgrade the counters in your bathrooms and kitchen, it’s important that you do a bit of browsing and shopping in order to make sure that you pick the best countertop material for your luxury home.

Find a good fit for your home as well as your lifestyle. You will want to choose a countertop that matches the floor and the walls as much as you will want it to match your family and lifestyle. If you have a large family who will be using the kitchen a lot, you will want an easy to clean surface. These are all things that you should consider when choosing the right countertop material for your home.

Ask yourself: What materials would complement the floors and walls of your home? Do you cook or use your kitchen a lot? Do you have kids who are going to make a sticky mess?

Different looks and different materials being more practical than others are factors can make all of the difference between choosing a granite countertop or opting for the rustic wood finish countertop.

Choose a Material That You Love

Once you have considered the kind of look and functions that you would like to go for with your new countertop material, it’s time to pick an option that you love! Here are three of the most common materials that you will likely find for countertops along with some pros and cons for each.


Granite for countertops is a personal favorite when it comes to upgrading a kitchen counter or bathroom vanity. Granite can be an expensive material to work with, but it adds the most to your home in terms of value. You can even find inexpensive granite from projects that had leftover slabs in your area. This is great if you are looking to raise the value of your home or just want to make everything feel more luxurious for an affordable price! Granite comes in just about every shade from white to dark grey and black so it can match just about any flooring or walls in your home.


While granite may have a very luxurious and elegant feel to it, you can add just as much appeal to your home with a wood countertop material. There are quite a few reasons to choose a wood countertop for your kitchen. First, wood looks incredible in homes that have a rustic feel to them. On top of that, wood countertops are incredibly practical if you cook a lot.

Many wooden countertops are made with sealed wood to protect it from damage and bacteria growth, so it makes a perfect surface for preparing and cooking. You can virtually do without a cutting board altogether.

Both are very beautiful additions that you can make to your luxury home that will wow anyone and everyone who walks into your kitchen.

Add a Decorative Touch

In addition to choosing the best countertop material for your luxury home, you can add decorative touches to the countertop that will make it stand out even more! One of the ways that you can do this is to add decorative edges like a radius, bullnose, bevel, egg, and ogee to round off the dull square edges of your countertop. All of which perfectly accent the countertop material of your choice.

In Conclusion…

There are quite a few countertop materials that will make your Las Vegas luxury home stand out whether you are trying to sell your luxury estate, or simply looking for elegant ways to upgrade your home. We recommend granite and wood materials because of the added aesthetic appeal that they add to your home. Choose a material that matches your home and don’t be afraid to customize it with decorative touches.