Former Jackson Estate, Now Cuts Price To $67 Million

Former Jackson Estate

It was known to almost everyone as Neverland Ranch.

So deemed by the King of Pop Michael Jackson when he bought it at 29-years-old, the 4-square mile property has been for sale for almost two years for $100 million.

It’s now been reduced significantly by its new listing agent to $67,000,000.

Still, on the market, its owners have since changed its name to avoid any complications with branding, and to help people realize it’s not an amusement park.

It’s now called Sycamore Valley Ranch.

Former Jackson Estate

Despite Mr. Jackson’s penchant for frivolity, maintaining a Ferris wheel isn’t at the top of the list for owners of a property like this.

There are 2,700 acres within the sprawling the southern California property

The listing agent, Joyce Rey, has also removed any direct reference to the former singer from the property’s marketing materials to further separate it from its overly-glamorous past. But, “Formerly Neverland Ranch” is prominently displayed on its website.

And boy, what a property it is.

There are 2,700 acres within the sprawling the Southern California property, located in Santa Barbara County new Los Olivos.

The house itself showcases beautifully its 12,598 square feet of French-Normandy country inspiration, which are made even more evident by the 50 acres of surrounding landscape, all of which continues to be maintained.

There’s a movie theater, of course, with 50 seats, a dance studio, animal pens, a barn, and a guest house.

The property boasts an almost 4,000-square-foot sports and entertainment center complete with a sunken tennis court and pool house with a fireplace and wine cellar. Naturally, there’s a wet bar, too.

With 22 total structures around the ranch, it’s going to take owners interested in entertaining, as every building has room for multiple guest parties, including the on-site fire station.

The formal guest house consists of four units, each with private entrances.

There really is almost nothing a person could dislike about a property of this magnitude, given its natural surroundings and welcoming architecture.

Perhaps the train and front exterior Disney-esque garden could be considered a bit much.