Some Finer Points On In-Home Luxury Spas

Some Finer Points On In-Home Luxury Spas

Every luxury home should have a place for its owners to retreat, to get away from the trials of work and the societal trappings that plague even the wealthiest among us.

Even though homes well out of the luxury market are calling master bathroom’s “suites” and “spas,” the truth is they lack even the most fundamental aspects of what it truly means to experience spa-living in your own home.

The Las Vegas luxury lifestyle is synonymous with spa-life.

Our quiet desert corners and serene red rock settings inspire some of the world’s most luxurious spa destinations. Palm trees. Open space. Even desert plant life-healthy, self-contained oasis of life amidst harsh surroundings—help define the essence of tranquility and getting away from it all.

Is a spa on your list of needs for your next home? If it is, you’ll want to look for the following before committing.

The Las Vegas luxury lifestyle is synonymous with spa-life.

Natural Surroundings
Consider adding a palette of soft, neutral colors and finishes to your bathroom. Accent it with splashes of dark wood or accessories to help “cool” the room.

Choose tile and flooring that is smooth and natural feeling, cold to the touch but solid, and supportive.

Looks for natural patterns that suggest inter-connected stone or a few, large expanses of stone.

The key here is control, then variety.

Your interior designer will want to ensure they have the best electrician possible, so your lighting system can be adjusted quickly and to your liking.

avoid harsh pools of artificial lighting

Use an array of dimmers and muted, indirect lighting to avoid harsh pools of artificial lighting. Explore options that emulate natural twilight and dawn.

Again, lighting is all about control. Touch panels and smart home options should come into play here.

Clean Space
Do not over accessorize. Keep your counters clear of random beauty items and electronics. Don’t use too many tables or benches or baskets of stuff … think like a home stager. The idea is to de-clutter, to symbolize a life free of extra weight and hassles. Everything you have in your spa is something else to worry about. Thus, reduce your space like a minimalist.

After all, your luxury in-home spa should be all about you, not about your stuff.