Top 4 Eco-Friendly Features in Modern Luxury Homes

Top 4 Eco-Friendly Features in Modern Luxury Homes

The green trend has been going on for quite some time and amazingly, it has made its way into our living spaces. Everybody has their own type of “green living routine,” whether it’s recycling, switching to LED light bulbs, or even just bringing your own grocery bags to the store, every small “green” habit solely makes a huge difference. Upgrading your estate with eco-friendly features is worth the investment for your living space and for the place. Here is the top four luxury features you can consider implementing into or onto your property.

Upgrade the Earth in Your Living Space

1. Sustainably sourced materials

Not only is using sustainably-sourced materials a great way to build a foundation for your estate, but making sure it is also locally-sourced as well. From stone, clay, wood, thatch, and other resources, give your designers and contractors a challenge that will help your home give back to the Earth. You could even get a LEED Certification to verify that your construction is up to green-efficiency standards.

2. Green technology and appliances

Provide a clean and healthy living environment with state-of-the-art green technology. This includes LED lighting, HEPA air filters, filtered drinking water, and an automated system that lets you control indoor air, energy/power, and water conserving options. There are so many advantages with a system you can control at the tips of your fingers. From lighting to air conditioning, you’re definitely doing nature a favor with this type of investment.

3. Gardens and Orchards

If you have the land for it, why not have your own garden and/or orchards growing? Not only will it greatly improve your estate’s landscaping and physical appearance, but growing organic produce yourself is definitely a win-win for you and the planet. Though you don’t have to work or harvest the produce yourself, you can simply relax out in the fresh air and enjoy fresh produce all year-round.

4. Solar panels

Especially if your estate sits where there’s plenty of sunshine, why not take advantage of its energy with implementing solar panels? Solar panels simply converts the sun’s UV rays into renewable power for your property to run off from.