Different Types of Luxury Homes

Different Types of Luxury Homes

When shopping for a luxury home with your realtor, there are so many options to choose from. Luxury homes offer another level of prominence and social standing within your circle, the statement your house makes reflects back to you. The endless features and entities, luxury homes can vary in their style, comfort, and appearance.

The pure opulence upon entering a luxury home is brought about a new and evolved mindset which engages you to become engrossed with the home you are viewing. With luxury homes comes imagination and creativity, the vision to mold your dream home into something spectacular.

Embrace the time to understand what you want your home to be and represent. Luxury homes are in relevance to a museum in their stature, every corner turned raises your curiosity to want to see more.

With so much variety, Gavish Luxury Estates recommends conducting research on your home taste as an effective approach when shopping for a new home.

Take a Look at the Gorgeously Different Types of Elegant Homes

The Modern

With its stellar lines and sharp angles, the modern home defines luxury to the next level. The modern home captivates its casual luxury simplicity. Modern homes are designed to provide an open space with neutral colors such as grey white and black to establish the polished finish of a modern elegant home.

The Storybook

A throwback to yesteryear, storybook homes make fantasy a reality with its whimsical architecture and pointed roofs. The storybook luxury homes have a nostalgic character about them, reminiscent of the 1920s Hollywood homes, storybook homes took on a vision of a fairytale.

The uneven cobblestone layout and the staggered lines in the roofs these homes bring out a unique difference from homes built today.

The Mediterranean

The everlasting luminous glow of the Mediterranean home has caught the eyes of many people since its inception back in the 1930s. With is accentuating Spanish accents and plunging balconies, the Mediterranean home is the definition of old-world glamour.

Having such a success this home has made a comeback in recent years with architect’s sticking with the classic designs of the 1930s.


The very formal NeoClassic design of homes is a representation of style and sophistication. Highlighted in the 20th century this style of home is a reflection of the authentic architecture of Greece and Rome. Neoclassical homes encompass a heightened level of wealth and prominence. Constructed with symmetry in mind, the home provides a stunning historical presence with the large doors and fine window finish.

The Victorian

Taking on a very regal appearance, the Victorian home is a tribute to the Victorian ages of the 1830s, with its asymmetrical architecture and complex design. With the large style porches and the expansive front, Victorian-style homes have enlisted another way to view luxury in the traditional sense.

The Victorian home timeless features make each one a unique marvel collection of its own.