4 Details to Make Your Pool More Luxurious

4 Details to Make Your Pool More Luxurious

With a nod to Las Vegas relic Robin Leach, the lifestyles of the rich and famous are something that many people follow religiously. Whether splashed on every social platform or tv show that flaunts luxury vacations, boats, homes, and backyards including the pool area, many of these estates can serve as movie settings. But many will be surprised that attaining this luxurious look isn’t as expensive as it seems.

How to Amp up Your Pool Game this Summer

If you don’t have a massive budget but want to give off the appearance that you do, you can add some low-cost details to make your pool more luxurious and give your backyard a stunning touch of glamour.

1. Landscaping

Nothing transforms a backyard like plants and flowering bushes. There are many types of plants that do well with little to no attention and if you live in a desert area, low water landscaping and no-maintenance rock garden solutions are best. For flowering plants, consider including a selection that blooms at different times of the year so you always have activity in the garden.

Ceramic pottery and planters are also a lavish touch that won’t break the bank. It doesn’t have to match because mixing patterns and colors makes for an eclectic palette.

2. Umbrellas

By adding several umbrellas in different spots in your backyard pool area, it will add a splash of luxury and a pop of color. Think about placing one on a tanning ledge or Baja shelf to offer both shade and elegance. For a resort-style look, line up a series of chaise lounges and place matching umbrellas between every set. Or, you can use shade sails that give a modern touch when stretched across an area and secured to a frame over your patio.

3. Floating Décor

There’s an endless assortment of flower collections, lanterns, and floral wreaths that add a whimsical flourish when placed on top of the water. Very affordable, you can create multiple combinations to change up the look.

4. A Changing Cabana

If you have a backyard shed, you might now see it in a whole new light. This is a great trick that can be accomplished in a weekend. Stored the shed items elsewhere, like a garage or basement and clean the inside. Paint the shed in a complementary color to your pool area theme. Give it some curb appeal with shrubs or flowers, and even create a pathway from the patio to the door.

Inside, place small, weather-resistant couches or chairs with some pillows and cushions and fill a basket with sunscreens and lotions. Add hooks to the walls and hang a few towels or hats for your guests. Don’t forget extra hooks for people to hang their wet clothes on, too. You can even hang up shelving and a full-length mirror, which will help make the space look larger. To become the ultimate pool host, keep an assortment of extra swim trunks and suits in a basket or drawer for anyone who forgot theirs!