Private Connecticut Island Offers Bargain Summer Estate

Private Connecticut Island Offers Bargain Summer Estate

If you’ve ever considered the benefits of living on a private island, and have around $9 million that needs a place to rest for a few years, this may be the island for you.

However, it is in Connecticut.

Originally on the market a few years ago at $12.9 million, Tavern Island is now being marketed for $8.7 million.

The 2.7-acre property is located near Norwalk and has a rich history, including once serving as a base of operations for defending the mainland during the Battle of Norwalk.

But if you’re not a war history buff, its time in the celebrity spotlight might better compel you to make an offer.

The island was the residence of well-known Broadway singer Billy Rose and managed to attract the likes of several big names over the years, including Marilyn Monroe. It does look like a great place to have a party.

As private islands go, it’s not a bad deal.

There are five structures on it, the main home consisting of 6,000 square feet. There’s of course a boat house, tea house, staff quarters, and a place for equipment and tools and other such maintenance items that are essential to living on a block of stone in the ocean.

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It’s beautifully landscaped with natural settings, stonework, paths, and architecture common to its region.

This is “luxury cottage” at its best, with interior design themes that combine coastal retreat with contemporary urban decor.

More than likely an idea summer home given the state of the climate from November to May in the northeast.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful location only an hour away from the Big Apple.

There’s a pool by the main house, and two beaches. Boat access is made possible by a couple of stone piers.

Those luxury home buyers who aren’t particularly huge fans of Las Vegas’s slightly warm summers may find themselves intrigued by the notion of such privacy.

There are few lifestyle goals greater than owning a private island, something we’re sorry we can’t offer here in southern Nevada’s luxury home market.

What we can offer is a tremendous winter respite, an ideal seasonal location change from the blustery winters of coastal New England.