Las Vegas Luxury Wins Over LA

Las Vegas Luxury Wins Over LA

From March to June of this year, 97 luxury homes sold in Los Angeles. According to industry reports, that’s a 26 percent increase over last year’s third quarter.

In the City of Angels, the benchmark of luxury homes rests at an average of slightly over $4 million.

However, the median rate of homes being reported sold was $9 million, well over the standing average.

In Las Vegas, an area with less natural disaster risk, fewer people, more space, and many of the same entertainment options, luxury homes average far less, often falling between $1 and $4 million.

The value differential is significant.

Century 21 Gavish Fine Homes & Estates reports that there are more than 400 homes in Las Vegas priced at $1 million or more. Thus, your selection in the luxury home market is much greater than what buyers will find in Southern California.

One of the primary benefits of investing in Las Vegas is lot size. We’re not a city that’s been overly developed or is hemmed in my long-standing infrastructure. Many of our luxury homes reside in golf course communities, boast mountain and Strip views, and offer access free of crowded freeways and unbearable traffic.

In Las Vegas, our luxury is as much about where you’re living as it is in what you’re living.

Speaking of which, Los Angeles is seeing a rise in the number of “mega-mansions” being built and sold because owners are finding it simply too difficult to navigate the city. Thus, they’re building restaurant-style kitchens, salons, bars, bowling alleys and multi-level parking so they never have to leave their home.

Think about that for a moment.

While we can certainly admire that kind of dedication to luxury living, never having to leave your home sounds more like a sentence than a lifestyle.

Moreover, McCarran International Airport offers tremendous ease of access and caters heavily to private air travelers. You can come and go as you please, able to find yourself at the aiport within 20 minutes of most communities in the Las Vegas valley.

In Las Vegas, our luxury is as much about where you’re living as it is in what you’re living.

Come to Las Vegas, and experience not just luxury living, but a luxury life.