5 Luxury Outdoor Spaces Luxury Homebuyers Love

5 Luxury Outdoor Spaces Luxury Homebuyers Love

5 Luxury Outdoor Spaces Luxury Homebuyers Love

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5 Luxury Outdoor Spaces Luxury Homebuyers Love

Luxury outdoor spaces are the ideal spots to host events, throw gatherings and celebrations, or simply to relax with your loved ones. A grand backyard is more than just a patio and pool, it’s a venue of all things in a dream. Here are five common outdoor amenities that luxury home buyers are absolutely in love with.

1. Decked out kitchen

Over the top outdoor kitchens are a must in any luxurious property. From charming bar areas and islands to brick ovens and extra storage space, an outdoor kitchen brings everyone together to enjoy delicious grub. This area is common for chefs to cook right in front of guests with a modern, interactive dining experience in the comfort of your home.

2. Splendor garden landscaping

To compliment its flamboyant outdoor amenities, home buyers invest in showy garden landscapes. Whether with a garden of diverse flowers or a built-in fountain, a well-kept green scenery provides a visual aesthetic that homebuyers and guests will surely appreciate.

3. Lounge areas with a breathtaking view

Multiple lounge areas is the absolute prime amenity to have in a luxurious estate. Whether you have areas in a gazebo, a rooftop terrace, or an extensive patio, a breathtaking view from every seat is required. Fire pits and swim up bars are also a huge plus for a unique touch.

4. Soft lighting

A luminous glow that synchronizes with a prime outdoor space is always an invitation to any evening event. From stair lights to pool lights to lit lounge areas and pathways, a lighting system that pairs well to an outdoor space is always a great achievement in luxury real estate.

5. Grandeur pools and hot tubs

Resort style pools with private cabanas, daybeds, and waterfalls galore is heavily sought after on every luxury property. With beautiful tiling and unique in-water features, grandeur pools and whirlpools is extremely desired in any luxury purchase.